HUMAN C. A. – Consulting for people !

First of all, all of our customers are people. Every company, every institution, every group of companies, every bank is run by people and their opinion matters. The service and its scope depends on the project size, duration, complexity and of course on our customers needs. Our customers are many-sided in their being, just like we are.


We provide day and (often) night support to our customers from the business side. The “business-to-business” services are focused primarily on the business challenges faced by our customers every day: looking for new sales opportunities, sales and profit growth, project management, reduction of staff-, administrative-, management- and other costs. We provide you with new opportunities and a wide network of new business partners and customers.

 And something very important:

we always set you up with direct contacts to the decision-takers.

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Consumers are always looking for a suitable product and a reasonable price. Where and how to find the desired product or service for less money? Budgeting, currency fluctuations, delivery failures, fines and other economic and legal realities are headaches of our customers from the consumer side. Our goal is to build a bridge between producers and consumers meaning our client stays on the safest and on the most thrifty side of business.   

And something very important:

it is always a direct and a clear way to your wishes.

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