Here we answer questions frequently asked by our customers about our work and our company. You write questions by using E-mail or the Comments page and we gladly answer them.

F.A.Q. Company

What HUMAN C.A. particularly does and why do I need a commercial agent? There are Dealers and sales is exactly what they do, isn’t it?

The business of Dealers ist to buy products/services from the manufacturer/service provider, to find customers and resell to them. This sales system is associated with high costs and high risk for the Dealer. He must store the goods at his own risk and buy them on his own account. We connect the manufacturer/service provider directly with the customer. Consequently there is no need in engaging Dealers but an option of including the existing Dealers in the new sales system and reducing costs due to the lowered risk for the Dealer remains available – HUMAN C.A. finds the customers and brings them to you.

I have already Dealers in the country where HUMAN C.A. acts and they are quite successful. Why should I make use if HUMAN C.A. services?

Often your customer is already informed about your Dealers. The consumer is seeking a direct contact hoping the price to be cheaper and sometimes because of many different reasons he just doesn’t want to deal with the local Dealer. This situation is a dead end for all business partners. HUMAN C.A. is not a dealer. We act purposefully and form a bridge of trust between you and your customers. This is how we can “rescue” often even very complicated projects.

HUMAN C.A. is not a Dealer. Which position does HUMAN C.A. have then?

We stand on the side of the client, i.e. on your side. But there is something important to note. Customers we bring you have trust in us. They know for sure we will not do certain things. The business reputation is of paramount importance for us. Using it we create added value for you and for us.

How much does a service from HUMAN C.A. cost? What do/will I get? Where are the starting and the ending points of service?

The conditions are always depend on the nature of the project, its scope and duration and your wishes as well. We are sure that we will be able to convince you with our price-performance ratio even during the first estimation of the project costs. If the project budget permits it and if the implementation of the project by HUMAN C.A. is preferable or makes sense economically than we would be glad to take on different tasks as we are used to it. Experience has shown that our new partners want only new customers. The delivery as well as the customs and payment formalities they cover themselves. But often during the project it turns out, that we have to “jump in” (and of course these services are charged separately) and our participation is very important to save the project or for the customers we brought to the manufacturer/service provider. What we do: translations, negotiations and coordination, customs, logistics, analysis, customer contacts, legal and tax matters. These services may be included in our commission or charged separately.

What can HUMAN C.A. do that others can’t and what are the strong edges of the company?

Lightning fast response and flexibility in solutions. We are inventive and have a creative approach towards problem solving.

HUMAN C.A. gives me a customer and I have (want) to cover the project by myself. Why is this project have to be successful at all?

For sure, almost any company specialized only in manufacturing, development or in offering services is often overwhelmed with a direct customer contact. But please keep in mind, that we are only successful when you are. This means we manage the project together with you to the last end and only the scope of our participation but not our presence and availability can change. We always stay within your reach and help you at any time during the project implementation and other challenges.

F.A.Q. Consumer

Wouldn’t it just be cheaper and faster, if I just buy products/services at my local Dealer?

Yes and no. Not all goods and services are available or in stock at your local Dealer. For example, if you decide to “buy” an acoustic hall, it will not be possible simply to buy it because it has to be planned and built at first. On the other hand, e.g. music instruments and medical equipment would be mostly in stock but typically master instruments or expensive medical devices are available only on order! Visit your local Dealer and you will see how limited you are as a consumer in your purchasing options. This is the result of limited possibilities of the Dealer and due to the situation that Dealer would offer you things he has in stock as well as things where he has the greatest margin on and something he can sell quickly. We will give you a direct contact with manufacturer. This gives you a selection you need and the product/service which suits your best.

It sounds like HUMAN C.A. wants to turn the existing sales systems upside down and trying to invent something new. Why is the price for a product/service with HUMAN C.A. is cheaper for me?

If you give us an order for a certain type of products/service you want to buy, that means you have already taken a decision on buying this particular product/service and have a rough idea of what you want to get in the end – you are the best customer for the manufacturer/service provider. No additional advertising costs and storage costs occur! The manufacturer produces only what you need, you get it directly with HUMAN C.A. and you do not have to pay for the risk of third party. We also carry no risk, as in direct deals we do not have to store anything. This results in a significantly lower price for you.

Many Dealers have exclusive selling rights. Wouldn’t a Dealer decline a direct delivery on me? How can this can go right if I have visited my Dealer and he told me he in general doesn’t sell the desired product/service (to me)?

Every manufacturer/service provider is interested in selling his products/services. If you want to buy his goods/services and can’t do it for any reason, it’s a loss. If a local Dealer has denied a purchase, it’s a loss. If you for some reason don’t want to buy at the local Dealer or somehow can not do it, it’s also a (potential) loss. The manufacturer/service provider will do everything necessary to provide you with his products/services. Even if you can buy directly and the dealer does not want it, there must be really strong arguments to refuse a deal. The manufacturer/supplier looks together with HUMAN C.A. (and optionally Dealers) at the situation to find possibilities for the delivery. Anyway it’s a win win situation, because the manufacturer gets a customer, HUMAN C.A. brings you (the customer) to him and the Dealer can cover the project. No extra costs incur for you and often it is even cheaper, because with us you are not a customer of the local Dealer. If he has already denied a deal with so it’s one more opportunity of not losing the deal but to get another satisfied customer. This situation is not a disadvantage but a profit for you, because you get what you want and at no extra cost!

What can I expect from HUMAN C.A. as a Consumer?

We serve your wishes. You can expect first class service and distinct expertise in project management.

HUMAN C.A. is not a Dealer. Which position does HUMAN C.A. have then?

We stand on the side of the client, i.e. on your side. But there is something important to note. The business reputation is of paramount importance for us. Using it we create added value for you and for us. If you are our client, this means we come into the project from the consumer side and our main task is to create a balance. HUMAN C.A. acts as a contact, coordination and competence center for all parties: for you, for the manufacturer/service provider, if necessary for the Dealer of the manufacturer/service provider and all other companies or individuals who are involved in the project. We handle the communication and create a trusted area in order to make the project successful.